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  • Share files with your customers
  • Secure messaging to protect your business
  • All communications are end-to-end encrypted


Easy for your Clients

An easy, browser based, user-experience lets your clients get to business rather than struggling with difficult to use portals.
Opt-in communications means no spam worries and or scammers able to message your customers. Learn more...

Designed for Security

All communication is encrypted before it goes through Pritact. Also, we don't store who is talking to who. This means that we can't see what is being said or who it's being said to.

Actionable Messages

Take your messaging beyond exchanging text and attachments. Pritact let you create work-items and send those to you clients to collaborate on tasks without back-and-forth confusion. Loan documents example...

Share Files Securely

Stop building your own solutions for sharing and collecting non-public documents with your clients. Send and receive packets or individual documents to users through the same encrypted channels as messages.

Respect for Privacy

No one's data is sold or tracked on Pritact. You and your client's activity will never be tracked. That is our business model and is a fundamental principle of how we operate. Learn more...

Cost Effective

Standing up your own secure messaging is expensive and very difficult to achieve. Working out information sharing agreements is time consuming. We handle the communication without having access to any of your data, while improving the experience for you and your clients.

Enterprise Capable

Messages can not be sent from any other party and can't be denied as having been sent. All messages are read-receipt acknowledged giving non-repudiation to the conversation.
Your data is never stored in Pritact un-encrypted. In fact it never even traverses our network un-encrypted making compliance easy.
Pritact supports two-factor authentication for both your employees and customers.

Still Have Questions?

Let us know how we can help your enterprise communicate with your clients securely, privately, and reliably.

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