Privacy Policy

Respect for our customer's privacy is fundamental to how we operate. We collect and store as little data as is feasible to operate in a secure and private manner. Our business model does not include monetizing our user's data in any way.

We will not share your information with third-parties unless required by law.

What we store

Names, email addresses, and phone numbers are collected during the registration process and retained for general customer support.

Access information (IP Address, User-agent, request times) is stored for security purposes.

All message information is end-to-end encrypted and is not available for Pritact to read.

How we protect this data

All customer data is encrypted in-transit and at rest and message data is encrypted at the device before transit.

Our systems follow strict access control policies, have firewalls in place, and follow best practices for application development and hosting.

Third Parties
Simple Analytics

We use Simple Analytics to track visits to our informational site This helps us measure traffic, interest in our product, and the impact of any marketing efforts we're undertaking. Simple Analytics was chosen because of their respect for consumer privacy.

This analytics software gives us insight about our visitors only in general, but not about individuals by itself, as it does not track visitors and does not store any personal identifiable information. Go to their documentation to find out what Simple Analytics collects (and most importantly what they don’t).

This type of tracking is not in place on our application site, where all logins, registration, and use of the application actually takes place.


We use Stripe as a payment processor. Information shared with Stripe is used to facilitate payments of our subscription charges and the data we share with Stripe is limited to payment specific elements such as subscription type and customer names.

Stripe's privacy policy can be found here.

Effective 3/2/20