Privacy Matters

Your client’s privacy is important. Increasingly consumers are demanding that companies respect their privacy and regulators demand compliance with a growing body of regulations. Not only do you need to send your client data through secure-channels, you need to be able to attest to how those channels handle the data on every step of the journey.

GDPR and CCPA are two of the most impactful, but are not the only laws in place to protect consumer privacy. More and more jurisdictions are debating new privacy regulations that affect how you manage your client’s data.

We can help

Pritact offers a solution for easily communicating with your clients while respecting their privacy, complying with regulations, and doing so securely. Our system was designed from the ground up with the goal that even with complete access to our data an attacker wouldn’t be able to compromise your communications.

Your messages and documents are encrypted end-to-end. This means that the communications are never in a readable state on our servers and we do not have the keys to decrypt them. Only you and your clients have that ability.

Even with complete access to our databases the messages are unreadable and it’s not even possible to determine which clients are communicating with you.

Communicate safely

Criminals aren’t the only ones after your client’s information. Online advertising, aggregation operations and mass-market resellers all want to get access to as much information they possibly can about you and your clients.

Pritact's business model and design treat your interactions with your clients the way they should be; as fundamentally belonging only to you and your client. We can not and will not share, publish, or resell your information in anyway.