Loan Origination Example

Loan origination is a common process that requires you to collect various sensitive documents from your clients. There are standard documents required, but reality can add complexity as your client's particular situations can demand different documents to cover your needs.

Pritact can simplify the communication for you. Through secure and private channels we can make your document requests easy to manage, track, and discuss.

You can easily define a packet to request documents for any needs you have and you can provide specific instructions for each document.

Your clients can upload multiple documents if needed to get you the information you need. Each document is uploaded as a response to a specific request. No more sorting through a batch of inconsistently named files to try an organize them into what purpose they serve.

You can see the uploaded files as they come in and respond to questions directly in the work item. The document transfer is managed for you in an easy to use, secure, and private platform that’s simple for your clients and efficient for you.